About Tim

Back in the days of MSN Messenger, “ASL”, was the acronym used by a person to ask for basic information about someone they hadn’t previously met. In the spirit of this, I am:

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Location: Melbourne

Fortunately, this creepy form of initiating a conversation with a stranger no longer appears to be used. At least no girl has ever approached me at a bar and asked “ASL?”.

Being a part of the generation who have grown up with social media in many different forms, I am always intrigued by how it is used, both personally and commercially. It has transformed many aspects of our daily lives and changed how businesses of all sizes operate.

I am looking forward to delving in to this expansive subjects with many topics throughout this semester. Hopefully what I discover will provide valuable insights in to social media usage from a marketing perspective. If not, hopefully my articles can at least provide some light entertainment.

I reckon I’m a semi-funny bloke… You can expect to see the occasional (relevant) gag in my articles.

Hope you enjoy!

Tim Quick

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